UK Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce recommends multiple solutions for commercial fleet charging

E4tech supported EVET and the Commercial EV Fleet Working Group to develop the newly-launched Commercial EV Fleet Charging Requirements report. 

The following are some of the key findings: 

  • Both private and public charging solutions are required to support the wide range of all commercial vehicle use cases 
  • The greatest barriers to commercial EV fleet charging are where it is out of control of the vehicle operators: on-street, en-route and at destinations 
  • Collaboration and co-ordination de-risk investment by fleets and charge point operators, encouraging growth of electrification of transport for all

The findings will become recommendations to Government and industry to accelerate the electrification of commercial vehicle fleets.  This underpins EVET’s overall ambition as it focuses on shifting from developing proposals to turning them into actionable plans.

The report is a conclusion of findings from year-long Commercial EV Fleet Working Group and multi-stakeholder workshop.  It aimed to understand the needs of commercial vehicle drivers and operators and looked at how the fleet market can be encouraged to switch to electric vehicles.  The workshoprun by E4tech, interrogated fleets’ current EV charging and ideal strategies, and the barriers faced in reaching them.

Throughout its involvement with EVET, E4tech gathered insight into the problems faced and the solutions proposed, putting it at the cutting edge of the UK’s understanding of the requirements for its national charging network. 

All EVET reports available here: link 

Commercial EV Fleet Charging Requirements report available here: link 

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