ERM’s Sébastien Haye will be discussing biomass feedstocks for advanced biofuels at the European Biomass Conference & Exhibition 2023 (EUBCE) in Bologna on 5th June 2023

EUBCE brings together biomass experts from academia and industry with the aim of accelerating research and market uptake worldwide. Sébastien will be a panellist in the Industry track session ‘Beyond Annex IX.

Advanced biofuels have emerged as a pivotal solution not only to decarbonise road transportation, but also other sectors, including aviation, maritime, heating and electricity generation. The big question is where and which feedstock can be used to fulfil demand. This EUBCE session will address the appetite for the EU RED’s Annex IX A&B list of feedstocks and will also focus on what is required to reach larger volumes of advanced biofuels.

More details about EUBCE 2023 here.


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