Cancun comment: E4tech emphasises continued support for low carbon innovation

The agreements reached at COP16 in Cancun 2010 call for countries to join the UNFCCC’s effort to cut global emissions by half by 2050. Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, said that the Cancun Agreement “needs to be implemented as fast as possible”. E4tech supports this objective, but we also recognise that achieving it will be hard. In the meantime, low carbon innovation must continue. Whether it is by unilateral, bilateral or multilateral means, the need is the same – to make the most efficient, fair and low impact use of the energy resources available to us, whilst capturing economic benefits. Global frameworks and altruism may play a part, but enlightened self interest is a good reason to act now – Accord or no Accord. E4tech will be busy supporting this action in 2011. Read more about E4tech's offered services in innovation and the outcomes of COP16 in Cancun.

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