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Articles from 2018

Cooling is an iceberg issue

The growth in energy demand for cooling from a warming planet and growing population is an enormous but mostly hidden issue. By the middle of the century global demand for cooling is predicted to exceed that for heating, yet the attention given to cooling – for buildings or cold chains – does not gain much attention. This is set to change as the first International Congress on Clean Cooling brings together companies, governments, financiers and researchers in Birmingham on 18th April to address the challenges and opportunities for cooling that is clean and affordable.

Hear E4tech speak on what’s driving fuel cells at IDTechEx in Berlin

The debate on hydrogen and fuel cells is picking up, with major developments in China and increasing corporate interest in Europe.

Who’s who in the in the European fuel cell and hydrogen industry? Please help us to help you!

There is a noticeable increase in momentum in fuel cells and hydrogen, with European companies and researchers playing a key role. But where will the sector go in the future? And how can European players best be supported in this growth phase?

The rise of “low carbon fossil fuels”: What are they and are they sustainable?

Low carbon fossil fuels, such as those produced from fossil fuels with CCS, waste plastics, or waste industrial gases, are being developed by an increasing number of companies in Europe, the US and beyond.

Hydrogen at High speed!

E4tech client GreenGT unveiled its pre-production Pininfarina H2Speed at the Geneva International Motor Show last week.

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