E4tech’s growing body of work on refrigeration and the "Cold Economy" has been in the news recently. Today’s launch of an important report by the Commission on Cold features work by E4tech, also cited in the Guardian newspaper. The energy use and impacts of cooling are often ignored, yet they are set to grow significantly – for example, global growth in cooling in the next 15 years will equal Canada’s current electricity generation. Our work identifies opportunities to improve cooling through better management and through innovation.

Tomorrow, 26 August, the IEA-RETD is hosting a workshop in London on current key issues of Renewable Energy Technology Deployment: renewable energy finance, energy storage, and renewable transport policies. Paul will present the project E4tech is currently conducting for the IEA-RETD on policy relevant aspects relating to renewable energy and storage and where policy makers should focus their efforts. The workshop will provide an opportunity to learn more on the activities of the IEA-RETD, in particular three ongoing state-of-the-art studies of IEA-RETD followed by an interactive discussion amongst the participants.

E4tech Director Dr David Hart will join other industry experts, financiers, policymakers and thought leaders at the IHT Global Clean Energy Forum 2013 in Doha, Qatar where they will explore the new energy reality – that of abundant fossil fuels, cooling political sentiment towards renewables and risk-averse investors – and its impact on the journey towards a sustainable future. On 9 October, David will offer his insight on innovation in sustainable transport, presenting facts about electric vehicles, biofuels, and their impact on the traditional automakers and fuel providers.

David Hart was invited to give a business perspective on the Summit discussions, together with representatives from REN21, Chatham House and Institut für Solare Energiesysteme (ISE). See the website here for more information and pictures from the conference.

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