The rise of “low carbon fossil fuels”: What are they and are they sustainable?

Low carbon fossil fuels, such as those produced from fossil fuels with CCS, waste plastics, or waste industrial gases, are being developed by an increasing number of companies in Europe, the US and beyond.

On 2 October, E4tech's Luca Bertuccioli will join members of the government, academia, and the private & public sectors at the WTO Public Forum 2013 for a panel discussion on global value chains in green goods and services. The annual event, hosted by the World Trade Organisation, aims to provide a platform for public debate across a wide range of WTO issues and trade topics. Using photovoltaics as an example, Luca will discuss how the dependence on policy incentives to create the market for sustainable energy technologies has meant that these markets have moved around quite rapidly as policy regimes have changed.

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