From PV to BEVs to FCEVs – Will China own the fuel cell industry? Find out at f-cell in Stuttgart

The f-cell Impulse Summit for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells is in Stuttgart, 10-11 September. E4tech’s Franz Lehner will be presenting an ‘outside perspective on China’, put together from our extensive engagement with China’s fuel cell and hydrogen industry.

E4tech assists UK rail industry to signal its approach to decarbonisation

The Rail Industry Decarbonisation Task Force, assisted by the Rail Safety and Standards Board , released its final report to the Rail Minister on 20 July setting out its proposed approach to decarbonising the UK’s railways.

E4tech Director Dr David Hart discusses fuel cells on CNBC TV in S Africa

Interest in fuel cells in S Africa is high, with Government support growing across all Departments, particularly looking at adding value to S Africa’s platinum industry. Interviewed on CNBC Africa, David and Conduit Ventures CEO John Butt discussed developments in the fuel cell supply chain and the opportunity for S Africa.

UK sets a course for low-emission shipping with E4tech help

Today the UK Department for Transport published the Clean Maritime Plan describing the ambition to drastically reduce emissions of both greenhouse gases and air pollutants from the shipping sector and to develop strong UK industries to deliver this.

Electrify everything a simple answer to a complex problem?

Road transport’s emissions challenges are – on the face of it – readily solvable by means of electric drive. Whether it is tailpipe pollutants or greenhouse gases, green electricity and batteries or hydrogen and fuel cells offer a means to clean up vehicles. However, that is much more easily said than done and the current reality is that the UK’s vehicle fleet would take many years to electrify, with particular challenges for heavy duty vehicles. In the meantime, low carbon fuels are already here and can make a difference without requiring new vehicles to be developed and sold.

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