On the 10th February E4tech’s Piotr Konopka, in his capacity as the Vice-Chair of Energy Institute’s Young Professionals’ Network will be chairing a panel discussion at the International Petroleum Week 2016 on “What does it take to be a successful leader in the energy industry?”. The event will be an opportunity for young professionals in the energy industry to question conference speakers and find out what advice they would give people starting out in the sector. E4tech supports the professional development of its employees by promoting active engagement in the Energy Institute’s Young Professionals’ Network.

E4tech has just launched the 2015 edition of its Fuel Cell Industry Review, following on from the well-received 2014 report. The Fuel Cell Industry Review 2015 offers data and analysis by region, application and fuel cell type and includes objective commentary on key events in the industry over the past year from an E4tech-led team including Bob Rose and Jonathan Lewis. It can be downloaded for free from

E4tech has joined Hydrogen London, the public-private partnership working towards a hydrogen economy for London and the UK. It was set up in 2002 as the London Hydrogen Partnership to develop a network of hydrogen fuel cell stakeholders in the capital and help develop fuel cell and hydrogen technologies in London. Hydrogen London works on delivering the London Hydrogen Action Plan, which makes the case for hydrogen investment and sets out the strategic framework and timeline for vehicles and infrastructure, production and storage, stationary and early market applications.

E4tech’s growing body of work on refrigeration and the "Cold Economy" has been in the news recently. Today’s launch of an important report by the Commission on Cold features work by E4tech, also cited in the Guardian newspaper. The energy use and impacts of cooling are often ignored, yet they are set to grow significantly – for example, global growth in cooling in the next 15 years will equal Canada’s current electricity generation. Our work identifies opportunities to improve cooling through better management and through innovation.

We are pleased to announce that on 7 September the UK's Department for Transport awarded funding for the construction of three advanced biofuels plants in the UK as part of the Advanced Biofuel Demonstration Competition launched in December 2014. E4tech has acted as delivery partner for the Competition alongside Ricardo-AEA, with E4tech director Dr Ausilio Bauen acting as chair of a distinguished twelve-strong expert selection panel. The three demonstration plants will produce butanol, ethanol, and biomethane from whiskey residues, forest residues, and biogenic municipal solid waste respectively.

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