El Hierro, one of the Canary Islands, is now satisfying 100 % of its energy needs with renewable energy, becoming the first isolated region on the planet to achieve this according to Energy Live News. E4tech made its own contribution to this amazing result between 2004 and 2007 when we, as part of the European Commission’s FP5-funded 100%RES-EL HIERRO project, identified relevant biomass conversion chains and local biomass resources. E4tech is very pleased to see El Hierro has reached its objective of becoming 100% RES (Renewable Energy Supported)!

Tomorrow, 26 August, the IEA-RETD is hosting a workshop in London on current key issues of Renewable Energy Technology Deployment: renewable energy finance, energy storage, and renewable transport policies. Paul will present the project E4tech is currently conducting for the IEA-RETD on policy relevant aspects relating to renewable energy and storage and where policy makers should focus their efforts. The workshop will provide an opportunity to learn more on the activities of the IEA-RETD, in particular three ongoing state-of-the-art studies of IEA-RETD followed by an interactive discussion amongst the participants.

E4tech has been selected by Scottish Government to lead a team to develop a Whole System Energy Model for Scotland. Taking into consideration all of the key elements of the Scottish system, from production to end-use, the model will allow the exploration of Scotland-specific energy futures and play a valuable role in supporting the formulation of a co-ordinated set of policies and proposals to enable Scotland to meet its climate change and renewable generation targets. It will specifically be used to inform the development of Scottish Government’s Third Report on Proposals and Policies in relation to Climate Change (RPP3).

EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), an initiative of the European Commission, showcases activities dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. Recognising the importance of cooling and its environmental impact, the EUSEW organisers will be hosting a workshop titled ‘Cleaner Cooling - Sustainably meeting the rapid growth in transport and urban cooling demand’. E4tech Director Adam Chase will be presenting on 18th June on the topic of a systems approach to cooling - the ‘cold economy’.

E4tech Managing Consultant Richard Taylor will introduce and present insights from the 'Bioenergy Value Chain Model' at WholeSEM 2015 in Cambridge, on 7 July. Richard will discuss the role of spatial optimisation in determining bioenergy pathways to 2050, the linkages to other models, and key insights learnt from different technology preferences, including the role of CCS. The BVCM model was commissioned by the ETI, and developed by E4tech along with Imperial College Consultants and a wider consortium over the last 4 years.

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