EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), an initiative of the European Commission, showcases activities dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. Recognising the importance of cooling and its environmental impact, the EUSEW organisers will be hosting a workshop titled ‘Cleaner Cooling - Sustainably meeting the rapid growth in transport and urban cooling demand’. E4tech Director Adam Chase will be presenting on 18th June on the topic of a systems approach to cooling - the ‘cold economy’.

E4tech Managing Consultant Richard Taylor will introduce and present insights from the 'Bioenergy Value Chain Model' at WholeSEM 2015 in Cambridge, on 7 July. Richard will discuss the role of spatial optimisation in determining bioenergy pathways to 2050, the linkages to other models, and key insights learnt from different technology preferences, including the role of CCS. The BVCM model was commissioned by the ETI, and developed by E4tech along with Imperial College Consultants and a wider consortium over the last 4 years.

E4tech has been selected to lead the delivery of the ETI’s latest £467,000 bioenergy project. Over the next 11 months, E4tech and our partners will be assessing the economic, emissions and performance benefits (and trade-offs) associated with the pre-processing of biomass feedstocks. Using process modelling and sensitivity analysis, the project will compare different bioenergy system approaches with, and without, pre-processing steps between feedstock production and an energy conversion plant.

Both E4tech's Jo Howes and Richard Taylor will participate in Abengoa’s World Bioenergy Leadership Forum in Seville, Spain on 20 and 21 May. The Forum, which is a continuation of the World Biofuels series of conferences, will unite experts in the field of bioenergy for 48 hours, providing the opportunity for transparency, open dialogue, and challenging questions. Richard will be presenting results from our recent European Commission project "From the Sugar Platform to biofuels and biochemicals: a status review".

The All-Energy 2015 conference in Glasgow is the UK’s biggest sustainable energy event. On 6th May, E4tech Director Adam Chase will be presenting on the role of policy in the UK automotive sector renaissance. The presentation is based on a major report that was launched in 2014. The report is available for download from here. The following day, E4tech Senior Consultant Franz Lehner will discuss the state of the global Fuel Cell Industry in 2014, based on E4tech’s Fuel Cell Industry Review 2014.

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