Life cycle analysis (LCA) is entering the lexicon of building designers, who until recently only scrutinised carbon and other emissions for buildings in service. LCA is already commonly used in ‘well to wheels’ calculations of CO2 from vehicle fuels. E4tech has been closely involved in the development of regulations for biofuels LCA and is now applying the lessons learned to buildings, where it is also active as both consultancy and software developer. A newly published paper by E4tech consultants in the journal Energy provides an introduction to LCAs, reviews trends in their use for bioenergy, compares these with the analysis included in building standards, and suggests changes the use of the methodology may undergo in the building sector.

E4tech’s work on Indirect Land Use Change and Biofuels has been recognised by a panel of leading figures from the world of low carbon vehicles and fuels. The report for the UK Department of Transport was Runner-up out of a list of eight finalists for the Low Carbon Report of the Year in the 2011 LowCVP Carbon Champions Awards. The panel of 28 experts praised E4tech’s work for its groundbreaking approach to the topic of land use change, providing an important contribution to the ongoing debate about the sustainability of biofuels.

E4tech's Ausilio Bauen is on the Advisory Board and Sustainable Biofuels Awards Judging Panel of the 3rd annual World Biofuels Markets 2011 conference in Rotterdam 23 March. The aim of the awards is to contribute to greater focus on sustainability criteria in biofuel innovation and development. The awards will go to the nominees with the operation or technology with "the greatest sustainability benefits as measured by GHG savings, environmental impact and further societal benefits".

David Hart was invited to give a business perspective on the Summit discussions, together with representatives from REN21, Chatham House and Institut für Solare Energiesysteme (ISE). See the website here for more information and pictures from the conference.

Indirect land use change is explained in this presentation by Dr. Chris Malins, International Council on Clean Transportation. Dr. Malins talks through E4tech’s oilseed rape biodiesel ILUC scenario prepared for the UK Department for Transport, as part of a broader study on the ILUC implications of biofuels. See video here or click link: [embed][/embed]

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