Is fuel where the future value of energy-from-waste lies?

E4tech director Dr Ausilio Bauen will be joining a panel at Energy from Waste 2020 on Thursday 5 March – an event bringing together policy makers, investors, technical experts, and innovators driving change and growth in waste to energy internationally – where he will discuss the drivers and prospects of transport fuel production from waste. Do speak to Ausilio at the event or contact us if you have questions on the topic.

A pivotal moment for advanced biofuels?

Global advanced biofuel capacity is low, and substantial scale-up is needed in order to meet EU climate targets, according to a recent study by E4tech for the European Commission.

UK aviation industry sets target for net-zero CO2 emissions in 2050

The UK aviation industry has committed to achieving net zero CO2 emissions in 2050, while accommodating 64% growth in passenger numbers.

Bioenergy and hydrogen & fuel cells identified as key areas for UK Government innovation support

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) commissioned the Energy Innovation Needs Assessment (EINA) programme to help them prioritise public investment in low carbon innovation across the energy system.

Hydrogen and fuel cell costs WILL drop

The latest report published by the Hydrogen Council shows how hydrogen solutions will become dramatically more competitive within the coming decade.

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