E4tech speaking at World Hydrogen event in Tokyo

E4tech present work on the fuel cell industry, the electrolyser industry and more at the World Hydrogen Technologies Convention.

Paving the way to a bio-based future for the European chemical industry

What are the opportunities for bio-based raw materials in the European chemical industry? The EU project RoadToBio publishes a roadmap to deliver opportunities to replace fossil products by bio-based products that have the same or superior functionality.

Will China push fuel cells to profitability? Find out at f-cell+HFC Vancouver

E4tech’s David Hart will be presenting an ‘outside perspective on China’, put together from our extensive engagement with China’s fuel cell and hydrogen industry.

CCC cites E4tech in landmark report for UK decarbonisation

Today the UK’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC) released their much anticipated report on achieving net zero emissions.

UK cars to use UK batteries made from UK chemicals?

In this age of global supply chains such an apparently old-fashioned approach seems illogical. Senior representatives of the automotive and chemicals sectors came together last night to consider the case for a UK battery industry.

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