E4tech expands team

March saw unprecedented global challenges, but E4tech stuck to its growth path, taking on three new recruits.

Looking back at the future of powertrains

With the seventh annual UK Future Powertrain Conference just completed it’s interesting to take stock of how researchers and industry have viewed the future of vehicle propulsion over the years. Back in 2014 the event’s main focus was on improving the internal combustion engine, whilst electrification was a minority theme. Over the years the focus has steadily shifted, but 2020 saw the biggest change as net zero goals put batteries and hydrogen high up the agenda. The fuel cell session was standing-room only, hydrogen was mentioned in almost every session – especially for large vehicles where hydrogen combustion also regained profile - and batteries were accepted by many as the technology of choice for light duty.

Sustainable Aviation Fuels obligation to be introduced in the Netherlands by 2023

On 3rd March 2020, the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water presented a letter to parliament announcing that the government will introduce a Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) blending obligation by 2023, if an equivalent European obligation is not put in place by this time. This announcement was made on the basis of a study that E4tech and studio Gear Up carried out for the Dutch government investigating the effectiveness of a renewable energy obligation for aviation. With the recent approval of the Green Deal, momentum has grown around implementing stronger European policy on low-carbon aviation, with special focus on SAF.

Is fuel where the future value of energy-from-waste lies?

E4tech director Dr Ausilio Bauen will be joining a panel at Energy from Waste 2020 on Thursday 5 March – an event bringing together policy makers, investors, technical experts, and innovators driving change and growth in waste to energy internationally – where he will discuss the drivers and prospects of transport fuel production from waste. Do speak to Ausilio at the event or contact us if you have questions on the topic.

A pivotal moment for advanced biofuels?

Global advanced biofuel capacity is low, and substantial scale-up is needed in order to meet EU climate targets, according to a recent study by E4tech for the European Commission.

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