Integrating EVs into the energy system: It's good to talk

A multi-sector approach is needed to make mass #EV uptake possible

Fuel Cell Industry Review 2019 - The Year of the Gigawatt

E4tech’s 6th annual review of the global fuel cell industry is now available.

Understanding the value of hydrogen and fuel cells

An E4tech-led analysis of the potential economic value of European fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) manufacturing and supply has just been published.

Blending 20% ethanol in gasoline could help Europe to reduce transport GHG emissions – what would this mean for ethanol volumes, and how could Europe supply this demand?

E4tech has published a report examining supply and demand scenarios for renewable ethanol if a 20% blend of ethanol in gasoline (E20) were made available in Europe by 2030.

Cabin pressure rising: Calls for adoption of alternative fuels in aviation

E4tech director Ausilio Bauen joins a panel at AIREG’s conference today to discuss future supply of alternative fuel in aviation.

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