E4tech's China insights discussed at Hannover Fair

E4tech’s Franz Lehner was on stage in Hannover on Monday discussing the dramatic rise of fuel cells and hydrogen in China. Video of the event (courtesy of the excellent organisers Tobias Renz FAIR) is available here. E4tech is following China’s development closely, attending conferences, visiting many of the players and supporting our clients in increasing their understanding. If we can help you, please get in touch. Franz is still in Hannover, so feel free to seek him out if you’re there. For more information on E4tech please see, and for more on our fuel cells and hydrogen work click here.

The electrolyser industry is ready to scale to gigawatts

Water electrolysis is a key enabler in meeting Germany’s climate mitigation goals. Technology and manufacturing are ready for gigawatt scale, but the regulatory framework - especially electricity pricing - is a hindrance to large scale deployment. These key findings come from the study “Industrialisation of water electrolysis in Germany”, by E4tech with Fraunhofer ISE and Fraunhofer IPA. It was commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and coordinated by NOW GmbH National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology.

E4tech presents bio-based chemicals roadmap for the European chemical industry on 18th February in Brussels

The H2020 RoadToBio consortium has developed a roadmap for the European chemical industry to increase the share of bio-based chemicals driven by a improvements in sustainability characteristics of end-products. E4tech’s Yamini Panchaksharam and Pragna Kiri, along with consortium members, will present the RoadToBio roadmap and underpinning analysis at a stakeholder workshop in Brussels on 18th February . The workshop will consist of interactive sessions to discuss the analysis and proposed actions to facilitate the participatory development of Europe's bioeconomy.

Hear E4tech's insight on burgeoning Hydrogen and Fuel Cell markets at the H2FC Supergen Conference

Fuel cell markets are growing, and interest in hydrogen is high across the political agenda. E4tech Director David Hart’s keynote at the H2FC Supergen Conference in Warwick on 31st Jan will explain the compelling drivers behind the interest and look at the differences between now and the hype cycles of the past. Shipment data from E4tech’s just-released 2018 Fuel Cell Industry Review will illustrate the growth impact on markets worldwide. Click here to understand more about E4tech’s expertise in this sector or drop us an email at Picture credit: H2FC Supergen

E4tech's Chris Sim is one of Time Out magazine's 'Unsung Londoners of the Year'

Chris, who joined E4tech’s team in 2018, has been recognised for his volunteer work running a branch of FoodCycle, a charity that uses food that would go to waste to create three course meals for those in need. Time out magazine’s current edition lists Chris amongst 10 Londoners doing extraordinary things, who don’t normally get recognition for their efforts. Chris is a chemical engineer with a strong conscience, so it’s no surprise to us that he squeezes making a good use of waste resources into his evenings and weekends.

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