Strong auto industry consensus about its technical future

Despite the unprecedented level of change facing cars, buses, heavy duty and off highway vehicles, the industries that develop and supply them are keen to work on future technologies together. This shared vision is captured in a definitive set of roadmaps, developed for the UK Automotive Council, showing strong consensus about the technologies of the future. E4tech is pleased to have played a part in securing this cross-industry consensus and drawing out the key messages. In a newly-released report, UK Advanced Propulsion Centre has assembled the roadmaps, providing clear predictions to 2040 for specific technologies and the companies and researchers that will develop them.

E4tech identifies £2.7 billion per year battery opportunity for UK chemicals sector

As electrified vehicles become a mainstream choice for car makers in UK, it’s likely that their batteries will be produced locally, keeping supply chains short. Over half of the value of a battery is chemicals, presenting the UK chemicals industry with a growth opportunity worth £2.7 billion per year. An E4tech report, released today by UK Advanced Propulsion Centre, for the first time examines this opportunity and UK’s ability to seize it. Over 50 UK companies are currently supplying or have strong potential to serve the battery industry, with many supplying valuable active materials for anodes, cathodes and electrolytes.

UK Government funding boost for low carbon fuels development

Seven industry-led projects will receive a share of £2 million to develop proposals for advanced fuel production plants, as part of the UK’s drive to reduce carbon emissions in aviation and heavy goods vehicles. The awards are Stage One of the UK Department for Transport's 'Fuels for Flight and Freight Competition' (F4C), which E4tech co-manages together with Ricardo. For details about the F4C and the successful Stage One applicants, see the UK Department for Transport's announcement and the F4C website.

Biochemicals - a more sustainable path for chemicals and an opportunity for the UK to lead?

The global opportunities offered by a transition to a more sustainable, low carbon economy are vast, and the last decade has seen a substantial increase in interest in bio-based chemicals. E4tech was commissioned by LBNet (The Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Network) to investigate the market attractiveness of bio-based chemicals and the opportunities they could present for the UK. Via an international literature review and interviews with experts in industry and research, a shortlist of 33 bio-based chemicals were identified for further analysis.

Hydrogen Energy - still on the up

The 22nd World Hydrogen Energy Conference is in Rio de Janeiro from 18-21 June. E4tech Director David Hart will join fellow experts from around the world to assess progress and look forward. He'll be busy - presentations on the fuel cell and electrolyser industries, a plenary talk on Hydrogen Roadmapping, and plenary roundtables on energy systems models and on transportation. But he'd love to see you and catch up, if you're there. For more information about E4tech’s work in the fuel cells and hydrogen sector, click here.

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