Analysis of an Emerging Biomass Resource Play

Client: Global energy industry player
Our client required an analysis of global biomass supply opportunities with the aim of becoming a large-scale biomass supplier to a range of bioenergy applications.
We first assessed the opportunity by analysing global biomass demand potential until 2030 in the heat, power and transport sectors, with a particular focus on lignocellulosic biomass demand. This included an analysis of current policy and future conversion technologies. We then developed a framework to assess a range of resources in different regions and prioritise three feedstock and region combinations based on energy crops, forestry and agricultural residues. For the prioritised feedstocks, we performed a supply chain analysis, including market status and potential in 2020, production costs and supply chain structures and value, and market entry opportunities. Our client used the work to explore specific opportunities in further detail.
One such opportunity involved E4tech assisting our client with development of a European energy crop business strategy, identifying the most compelling option for a biomass activity in Europe, in terms of defining the most attractive geography, costs and scale. This involved a high level screening of countries based on their feedstock potential, followed by more detailed analysis for six countries, mapping out land access and scale, local production and delivery costs, policy risks, markets and infrastructure. Our client used these country case studies to establish the attractiveness of an EU activity compared with other potential projects globally.

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