Emissions Toolkit for Chinese City Policymakers

Client: UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

E4tech was commissioned to design and develop an open and intuitive spreadsheet-based CO2 and pollutant emissions calculator for cities in China. The toolkit allows local policy makers to quantify the impact of introducing different policies affecting vehicle stock and vehicle-kilometres travelled on total pollutant and CO2 emissions. These policies include the introduction of vehicle emission standards, vehicle sales taxation & incentives as well as introducing low emission zones and parking restrictions for certain types of vehicles.

The project was successfully delivered in close collaboration with our Chinese partner Innovation Center for Energy & Transportation, allowing us to combine E4tech’s deep understanding of fuel and vehicle emissions with a strong Chinese context.

E4tech also provided a comprehensive user manual and led a workshop in the pilot cities of Shenzhen and Guangzhou on the use of the calculator.

Details on the workshop and the calculator, manual and policy recommendations are available online.

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