Pre-feasibility Study for Lignocellulosic Ethanol Plant

Client: Development Bank
E4tech was invited by a development bank to conduct a preliminary feasibility study for an advanced biofuel plant located in an EU Member State. This included a full assessment of the regulatory, market, technology and investment landscape for lignocellulosic ethanol in the EU. Specifically, E4tech benchmarked the main advanced bioethanol conversion technologies and provided an assessment of opex and capex costs for the preferred technology solutions. Our study involved the development of a comprehensive investment model which has been used to determine key financial metrics and the financial viability of the plant. The regulatory assessment analysed key EU legislation for advanced biofuels and provided recommendations for policy development in the EU and in relevant Member States, whilst the market assessment analysed the size of the potential 2G ethanol market in Europe and modelled potential 2G ethanol prices to 2030 and beyond. The final report and presentation provided insights to the company board and is informing their decision about if and how they will proceed with the development of the plant.

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