Standard for sustainable management of recycled metals

E4tech supported the World Resource Forum (Sustainable Recycling Initiative) with the drafting, testing and continuous improvement of a set of “Guidance Principles” for sustainable management of secondary (recycled) metals. Metal recycling, especially from electronic waste, is highly harmful for the environment and workers, as it usually happens in less developed countries. The Guidance Principles aims to address environmental and socio-economic issues of metal recycling. They are developed following a multi-stakeholder consensus-based process.

E4tech contribution to the Guidance Principles included: 1) The writing and formatting of the Guidance Principles, including background, scope, references, definitions, environmental and socio-economic principles, objectives & requirements, implementation steps, as well as traceability requirements, assurance (i.e. how compliance is evaluated through 1st, 2nd or 3rd party verifications) and governance. 2) The facilitation of multi-stakeholder consultations (in-person and virtual) and consensus building, in line with ISEAL codes of conduct and in combination with an ISO IWA framework. This included the preparation of meetings, facilitation of interactive sessions where participants would comment on the Guidance Principles and provide suggestions, report writing and utilisation of outcomes to further improve the Guidance Principles. 3) Governance aspects, in particular the development of clear terms of reference for participation in the Guidance Principles development and decision-making process. 4) Development of a theory of change, in line with ISEAL Impact Code. Development and implementation of a communication strategy.

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