Technology Innovation Needs Assessment – Bioenergy

Client: Carbon Trust
DECC commissioned Carbon Trust to assess several low carbon technology areas to guide future policy and investment decisions. E4tech was approached to review energy crops, algae, advanced biofuels, biopower, bioheat, biomethane and biochemicals. We used proprietary data, UK energy system model outputs, published reports and expert interviews to assess the potential for innovation to reduce bioenergy costs to 2050, and identify key market failures and barriers to innovation. Supply chain component modelling and UK/global deployments were used to estimate market values in low, medium and high cases. An assessment of relative UK capabilities then led to business value and job creation figures. The reports were peer reviewed at a stakeholder workshop, and have been summarised into a bioenergy summary report for publication by the Low Carbon Innovation Coordination Group (LCICG).

We also developed an additional process to the overall TINA framework for determining the most appropriate interventions in any technology area, and applied this methodology to the Bioenergy sector assessment.

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