Advanced Biofuel Feedstocks – An Assessment of Sustainability

In light of ongoing policy discussions within Europe regarding indirect land use change, and the announcement of an advanced biofuel demonstration competition to be launched in the UK in December 2014, DfT commissioned E4tech to gather evidence on the list of “Annex IX” feedstocks given within the proposed changes to the Renewable Energy Directive. The study summarises recent policy developments and assessed the effectiveness of multiple counting via a series of interviews. It also gathers detailed information on feedstock supply potentials, prices, biofuel production costs, technology pathway options and status, direct GHG emissions of different chains, competing uses and the indirect substitutions likely to occur (and their risks). This led to the creation of an analytical framework with a set of defined criteria at each point in a decision tree, to facilitate the assessment of feedstocks on a common basis, and determine which merit policy support.

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