Assessment of the Market of Wood Fuels and Solid Fuel Heating and Cooking Appliances in Serbia

This report supports the knowledge base relating to “Improving the efficiency of the use of fire wood in households”, which is a component of the GIZ DKTI Programme “Development of a Sustainable Bioenergy Market in Serbia”. It constitutes an update of the market report published in 2014.
It is divided into two main chapters: wood fuels and solid fuel heating appliances, and in each endeavors to give the reader insight into production, consumption, international trade and quality issues. Its scope is limited to the household level, and focuses on the use of wood fuels for heating and cooking. The appendices are written to provide additional information about issues touched
upon in the report.

This report synthesizes data obtained over the three year project duration, via direct interviews with industry players, official data requests to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, reports published by other initiatives and projects (as referenced), data bases of the University of Belgrade-Faculty of Forestry (Centre for timber trade), unpublished internal reports and on occasion, anonymised industry sources.

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