Scenarios for deployment of hydrogen in meeting carbon budgets

This report describes two scenarios for the use of hydrogen across the UK energy sector to 2050. E4tech developed the scenarios for the UK Climate Change Committee (CCC) to help them advise the UK government on policy options for decarbonisation. The scenarios consider the technology developments, infrastructure requirements, business model needs and energy systems implications of conversion to hydrogen, and were informed by modelling by UCL using the UKTM energy systems model, and Kiwa Gastec’s practical experience in hydrogen projects.

In the Critical Path scenario, hydrogen makes a significant contribution to decarbonisation in 2050 but is not dominant, while in Full Contribution scenario hydrogen makes a central contribution to meeting 2050 targets, including through conversion of the natural gas grid to 100% hydrogen. The report concludes that hydrogen could help the UK decarbonise by 2050, but would require strong support, starting now. The modelling also highlights areas for consideration in developing strategies for hydrogen roll-out, and actions that are required in both the short and medium term to support the two scenarios.

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