Securing the supply chain for wind and solar energy (RE-SUPPLY)

Global ambitions for PV and wind deployment could be thwarted by bottlenecks in the global supply chains for these technologies. A major study conducted by E4tech for the IEA-RETD takes a long term global view of supply chains and recommends vital and often urgent steps needed to avoid bottlenecks. For wind the report finds that one of the most important solutions to tackle the highly critical bottlenecks in the supply chain is clear and long-term support policies that could de-risk the high capital investment required to expand supply chain capacity. PV’s greatest bottlenecks relate to scarcity of materials and the report suggests increased emphasis on recycling and recovery as well as enhanced R&D into alternative cell materials. The “RE-SUPPLY” report, which E4tech produced in cooperation with Avalon Consulting, was released in November 2012 and can be downloaded for free from the RETD website.

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