Swiss Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Activities: Opportunities, barriers and public support

This project set out to understand the state of the fuel cell and hydrogen sector in Switzerland, primarily through interviews with relevant players, and put it into the context of global developments, through E4tech’s industry knowledge and further research. It identifies major gaps or barriers to sector development and suggests options for closing the gaps or removing the barriers. The assessment shows that financial support for the sector within Switzerland is generally judged to be appropriate and satisfactory. While some more could be done with greater funding, this was not considered to be a major constraint. However, the lack of overarching vision and context, and the highly fragmented nature of Swiss local markets, were seen as significant weaknesses. The lack of a co-ordinated approach to regulations, codes and standards has also hampered projects, as in some cases it is unclear where responsibility for these lies. Our analysis suggests that Swiss fuel cell and hydrogen technologies and organisations could be valuably additionally supported by non-financial means.

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