Knowledge – 2012

In this section you’ll find resources and results from client work (shared with permission) as well as non-client reports and, most notably, our annual Fuel Cell Industry Review.

For any questions regarding referencing or reproducing these resources, or the use of the E4tech logo, please contact Rowena Figueroa.



Bioenergy Value Chain Model

Client: UK Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) E4tech has developed an innovative Bioenergy Value Chain Model (BVCM) to identify the best bioenergy options to meet UK energy system needs to 2050.

Securing the supply chain for wind and solar energy (RE-SUPPLY)

Global ambitions for PV and wind deployment could be thwarted by bottlenecks in the global supply chains for these technologies.

Technology Innovation Needs Assessment - Bioenergy

Client: Carbon Trust DECC commissioned Carbon Trust to assess several low carbon technology areas to guide future policy and investment decisions.

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