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In this section you’ll find resources and results from client work (shared with permission) as well as non-client reports and, most notably, our annual Fuel Cell Industry Review.

For any questions regarding referencing or reproducing these resources, or the use of the E4tech logo, please contact Rowena Figueroa.



Ramp up of lignocellulosic ethanol in Europe to 2030

The cellulosic ethanol industry is at a critical development stage: there are technology developers who...

Review of UK Bioenergy Potential

In 2011 the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) conducted a review of the UK's bioenergy potential.

Input to biofuels strategy for a global energy industry player

E4tech supported a global energy industry player in developing its future biofuels strategy.

UK bioenergy sector roadmapping to 2050

To determine which supply chains can best contribute to efficient, low cost, and low emission bioenergy...

Realising the Potential of Demand-Side Response

To inform the UK Government’s smart energy policy, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial...

Standard for sustainable management of recycled metals

E4tech supported the World Resource Forum (Sustainable Recycling Initiative) with the drafting, testing...

Evaluation of technology options in the water and wastewater treatment

Our client, a global conglomerate, had identified sustainability as a major growth driver and water specifically as a field for investment.

Impacts of different EU Bioenergy policy scenarios on global GHG emissions

E4tech supported EU Directorate General for Energy (DG ENER) in evaluating the impact of different EU bioenergy policy scenarios on global greenhouse gas emissions.

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