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In this section you’ll find resources and results from client work (shared with permission) as well as non-client reports and, most notably, our annual Fuel Cell Industry Review.

For any questions regarding referencing or reproducing these resources, or the use of the E4tech logo, please contact Rowena Figueroa.



How can a sector respond to the need to meet 1.5/2°C climate change targets?

any scenarios show the huge challenge that the world faces in changing our energy system to reduce emissions...

Advanced drop-in biofuels - UK production capacity outlook to 2030

As noted by the UK Department for Transport (DfT), advanced biofuels are likely to be key in meeting UK climate change targets for transport.

Current research in batteries for residential storage and innovations in battery manufacturing and management systems

ur client, a global energy major was interested in understanding the most promising early stage developments in the area of residential battery storage.

Development of a roadmap for hydrogen and fuel cells in the UK to 2025 and beyond

E4tech led a public-private roadmapping exercise to drive sustainable economic growth in the UK hydrogen and fuel cell industry in the period to 2025 and beyond.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Opportunities for Growth - A Roadmap for the UK

Hydrogen could bring significant benefits to the UK’s energy system: heating homes and businesses, powering vehicles, and balancing intermittent renewables.

External evaluation of assurance scheme for sustainable cotton

he Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is the leading standard for sustainable production of cotton; it operates in 9 countries worldwide.

Low Carbon Automotive Propulsion Technologies

The low carbon and air quality agendas are driving rapid technological change in transport propulsion...

UK Capabilities and Opportunities in Low Carbon Propulsion

Client: UK Advanced Propulsion Centre The APC (the delivery arm of the UK Automotive Council), commissioned...

Strategy development for energy systems analysis

The Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) aims to help UK businesses to develop products and services to serve future energy systems.

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