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In this section you’ll find resources and results from client work (shared with permission) as well as non-client reports and, most notably, our annual Fuel Cell Industry Review.

For any questions regarding referencing or reproducing these resources, or the use of the E4tech logo, please contact Rowena Figueroa.



Pyrolysis Oil Market Opportunities

The Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) engaged E4tech to identify the most attractive markets for pyrolysis oil in the EU in heat and power applications.

From the Sugar Platform to Biofuels and Biochemicals

Client: European Commission E4tech led a research consortium, with Wageningen UR and RE-CORD, to provide...

Novel low carbon transport fuels and the RTFO: sustainability implications

This scoping paper by E4tech and Ecofys presents a classification framework for various types of transport fuels.

Potential low carbon fuel supply to the Pacific Coast region of North America

This study by E4tech and ICCT investigated the potential to meet the fuel carbon goals for four jurisdictions of the Pacific Coast region, simultaneously.

Overview of the ETI's Bioenergy Value Chain Model (BVCM) capabilities

The Bioenergy Value Chain Model (BVCM) is a comprehensive and flexible toolkit for the modelling and optimisation of full-system bioenergy value chains over the next five decades.

EU 2030 Road Transport Decarbonisation Scenario Analysis

Client: Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association The EU suggests a 40% EU GHG emission target in 2030,...

EU 2030 Road Transport Decarbonisation Analysis

In 2014 the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) commissioned E4tech to evaluate the potential...

Swiss Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Activities: Opportunities, barriers and public support

This project set out to understand the state of the fuel cell and hydrogen sector in Switzerland, primarily...

The Fuel Cell Industry Review

Following on from the excellent series of Fuel Cell Industry Reviews by Fuel Cell Today, an E4tech-led team took over the baton in 2014 and continued the series.

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