Sustainable Aviation Fuels - Potential for the UK aviation industry

July 2014

Sustainable Fuel Road-Map outlines an opportunity to develop a UK industry for sustainable aviation fuels generating up to £265 million in economic value in 2030. Sustainable Aviation, a coalition of the UK's airlines, airports, manufacturers, and air navigation service providers, commissioned E4tech to assess the potential contribution of sustainable fuels to commercial aviation in the UK to 2030 and 2050. E4tech completed a review of the potential pathways to sustainable aviation fuels including the development status and actors and developed a range of scenarios to estimate global and UK production capacity to 2030. Identification and prioritisation of the current market barrier was completed with extensive stakeholder engagement. The report estimates how much sustainable aviation fuel may be produced globally and in the UK to 2030, and the GHG emission savings that may be achieved through their use. The report also quantifies the potential value to the UK of developing sustainable aviation fuels.sustinable aviation Download the report

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