Efficiency of firewood utilization in households in the pilot regions in Serbia

September 2014

This report was carried out by E4tech and Quiddita on behalf of German Sustainable Development Organisation, GIZ. The report describes the current efficiency of wood fuel use in Serbia, in order to quantify the results of the activities conducted within the DKTI programme ‘Development of a Sustainable Bioenergy Market in Serbia’. Through research and surveys across 6 municipalities, we concluded that the average efficiency for all tested cookers in combination with different fuel categories is 32.59% and that less than 3% of households surveyed used wood fuels efficiently. A key recommendation of this report is that firewood should be procured at least 6 months before the heating season starts in order to increase the efficiency of heating at no extra cost to the household. This report forms part of E4tech’s wider involvement with the GIZ program in Serbia. Download full report Serbia wood

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