Policies for Storing Renewable Energy - A scoping study of policy considerations for energy storage (RE-STORAGE)

March 2016

Client: IEA-RETD Energy storage is unique. It combines aspects of demand, generation and infrastructure, and often links different sectors of the energy system. It could strongly influence the energy transition. But it is largely unclear what specific role storage could play in the future energy system and especially how it will interact with markets and regulation. IEA-RETD asked E4tech to help clarify that, focusing especially on the links between energy storage and increased renewable energy. They asked us to identify “no regrets” policy recommendations to strengthen the role of storage in integrating renewable energy sources in the energy system. To get insight from the inherent complexity, we looked at storage from four distinct perspectives:
  1. Taking a system approach to energy transition policies
  2. The influence of market frameworks shaped by the legacy system
  3. Understanding the performance of storage technologies
  4. The privileged position of system operators
We developed recommendations to support stakeholders in shaping coherent policies for storage. We also identified approaches to reduce or eliminate barriers for its deployment. View Report

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