E4tech produced its annual Fuel Cell Industry Review, now in its 7th year

March 2021

2020 recorded a 10% increase in fuel cell shipments to 1.3 GW capacity despite COVID. This is lower growth than anticipated before the outbreak, but the shipments attest to the resilience of the technology. Shipments of PEM fuel cells for transportation continue to dominate, at two thirds of the capacity.  Hyundai alone, with its NEXO, represents nearly half of all shipments by capacity.  In numbers, the Ene-Farm programme now fields nearly 50,000 units a year, split between Aisin and Panasonic.  South Korea is showing strong growth in capacity in response to the Renewable Portfolio Standard.  China experienced a hiatus in shipped units as policy levers were adjusted.  Europe trails some way behind, with most unit shipments facilitated by the German KfW 433 initiative.  North America showed a dip as shipments of the Mirai were subdued ahead of the 2021 model being released.

The review is valued highly by the industry, with a mailing list of over 6,000 registered recipients.  It demonstrates our knowledge of the industry and is often cited by customers as the reason they found and selected us.

The review contains an analysis of fuel cell shipments by region, type and application year on year, together with a qualitative description of the major developments in the industry over the year, across 50 pages.  We obtain numbers from corresponding companies and aggregate these to ensure the company numbers cannot be extracted from the published data.

We use the data in our technology watch and for clients, including a baseline for our market model into the future.

For more detail, see http://fuelcellindustryreview.com

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