Securing the supply chain for renewable energy

E4tech is proud to announce it has been selected by the International Energy Agency’s IEA-RETD to lead a key project on the major challenges in facilitating the large-scale deployment of renewable energy technologies. RE-SUPPLY, as the project is dubbed, will assess which elements of the supply chains of on- and offshore wind and solar photovoltaics are or could evolve as major challenges to mass scale deployment. For this project E4tech has partnered with Mumbai-based Avalon Consulting, part of the 1200-person Avalon Group which straddles the entire knowledge value chain.

Today, various studies on the state of the renewable energy supply chain are available. However most of these have a limited scope, in terms of geographical reach, technology, supply chain stage, time horizon etc. RE-SUPPLY aims to bridge this gap by providing a broad analysis of the most critical supply chain issues that may prevent or limit large scale renewable energy technology deployment. Adam Chase, Director of E4tech, said: “We feel strongly that this challenge requires both breadth and depth. E4tech and Avalon are uniquely positioned to combine global reach with deep sector-knowledge along the supply chain”.

The IEA Renewable Energy Technology Deployment (IEA-RETD) is one of several Implementing Agreements between members of the IEA. Its mandate is to address cross-cutting issues influencing the deployment of renewable energy and act as a vehicle to accelerate the market introduction and deployment of renewable energy technologies.

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