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Dr Luca Bertuccioli

Principal Technologist - Lausanne

With E4tech since 2009, Luca has 15 years’ experience in the energy and aerospace sectors and in thermal sciences. He works on system-level topics as well as aviation and road transport biofuels, low carbon energy technologies (CCS, biomass heat & power, gasification), and hydrogen and fuel cells. Luca’s project activities at E4tech have included techno-economic assessments of new energy technologies, market and technology reviews, supply chain analyses, complex systems modelling, policy analysis, and business strategy development. The wide range of projects and clients he has dealt with has provided him significant experience in managing diverse, multi-disciplinary project teams, and excellent communication skills.

Prior to joining E4tech, Luca worked at United Technologies Research Center for 8 years where he participated in and managed projects in a wide range of areas such as the techno-economic analysis of building and aircraft energy systems, the aerodynamic design and aerothermal analysis of gas turbine components, and the concurrent engineering of synthetic fuels and thermal systems for hypersonic engines. Luca holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, a Post Graduate Diploma from the von Kármán Institute for Fluid Dynamics, and an MA in Engineering from Cambridge University. He speaks English, French, Italian and German.

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