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Dr Pragna Kiri

Consultant - London

Pragna is knowledgeable on energy technologies, environmental policy and regulatory issues with industry experience in biomass-to-biofuels and biochemicals conversion, including technology development and process engineering. In her previous roles, Pragna delivered several collaborative strategy and policy projects covering bioenergy, low carbon transport and novel technologies. Latterly, Pragna worked at waste-to-biofuel start-up bio-bean, where she led and delivered biochemical research projects, gaining insight to steer scale-up operations and has ensured that processes remained in positive mass-energy balance through all stages of technology, process and product development. Pragna encourages incorporation of expert knowledge from networks of scientists, engineers and other subject-matter specialists through collaborative partnerships and UK government or EU schemes to evaluate and overcome technical and economic challenges in sustainable technology development.

Pragna has a PhD and MSci in Chemistry from University College London, specialising in materials chemistry for sustainable development. Her PhD thesis was on novel catalyst development for use in hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

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