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Sébastien Haye

Managing Consultant - Lausanne

Sébastien has a decade of professional experience in sustainability relating to biomass, bioenergy and biomaterial production. His primary focus is projects related to the environmental and social impacts (life cycle greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, soil, water, food security, and human rights) of bioenergy and bio-based products, plus biofuel policies, market analysis, biomass supply chains, and certification systems.

Prior to E4tech Sébastien was Standards Director at the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), an EU-recognised biofuel certification system. He significantly contributed to the development and implementation of the RSB sustainability standards, coordinating consensus-driven negotiations among hundreds of private, public, and civil society organisations worldwide. Before this he worked for the Resource Optimisation Initiative in Bangalore and co-led the environmental and social impact assessment of a new business model developed by BP for the deployment of bioenergy in rural areas of southern India (Oorja). Since 2003, he has volunteered on the Board of Directors of non-profit organisations including Terre des Hommes Suisse and Artjuna.

Sébastien holds an MSc in environmental sciences and a BSc in biology from the University of Geneva. He speaks French, English, and Spanish, as well as some German

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