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Dr Stuart Jones

Energy Technologies Knowledge Manager

Stuart is an energy technologist who has worked in energy conversion, materials, process and product development, related business development and consultancy for over 30 years.  His work has spanned numerous technologies: gasification, reforming, fuel cells and hydrogen storage, energy storage and emissions control from combustion plant and vehicles.  His work on fuel cells has ranged from micro fuel cells for soldier power through to the development of materials for solid oxide fuel cells.  He has delivered significant projects to MOD, DTI, Innovate UK and other public bodies, as well as to numerous private clients.  These have ranged from the development of hardware and proofs of technology, to detailed reviews of future technologies and processes, and the identification, quantification and target trajectories for emerging energy technologies, partnering and strategy to make technology push and market pull meet.  This has included the development of business plans, obtaining grants and realizing asset sales.

Stuart has served on the steering group of the former UK Hydrogen Network, been an advisor to NATO on soldier power, and has delivered over 200 reviews and project reports on diverse energy topics.  Stuart’s early career was spent with British Gas R&D and subsequently with several growth-stage companies. He has three degrees in chemistry, latterly a PhD in automotive exhaust catalysis.  He joins E4tech initially to augment its work in hydrogen and fuel cells, with a particular emphasis on driving the delivery of E4tech’s Annual Fuel Cell Review, in maximizing the value from our extensive fuel cell and hydrogen supply chain database, in the modelling of fuel cell and hydrogen plant roll out, and in the delivery of various consulting projects to our customers.


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