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Yamini Panchaksharam

Consultant - London

Yamini has a background in water, resources management, and natural sciences. She has a proven track record of conducting rigorous research and analytical work, and has worked in cross-functional teams internationally. At E4tech, Yamini’s project work has focused on bioenergy and sustainability, including a study on sustainable chemicals and plastics, techno-economic assessment of selected water and waste water treatment technologies, prospects for algal energy, environmental and regulatory assessment of an automotive waste oil collection technology, and assessment of socio-economic impacts of biobutanol production as part of the Horizon2020 ButaNexT project.

Prior to E4tech she worked at WWF-India in the Freshwater and Wetlands Programme where she conducted desk-based research and supported development of project proposals and project communication materials. She also assisted the team in project planning, implementing field-based projects and conservation awareness programmes. In the UK, Yamini has volunteered with the Environmental Management & Sustainability team at the Natural History Museum in London.

She holds an MSc in Water Science, Policy & Management from the University of Oxford, an MSc in Natural Resources Management from TERI University (India), and a BSc in Zoology from Delhi University (India). Yamini is fluent in English and Hindi, and has a basic understanding of Tamil.

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