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Hydrogen’s potential in the UK highlighted by the CCC's Fifth Carbon Budget. (27/11/2015)

Hydrogen could help significantly reduce carbon in UK transport, industry and heat supply, according to the Committee on Climate Change’s fifth carbo... (Read more)

Now available: The Fuel Cell Industry Review 2015 (17.11.2015)

E4tech has just launched the 2015 edition of its Fuel Cell Industry Review, following on from the well-received 2014 report. The Fuel Cell Industry Re... (Read more)

E4tech joins Hydrogen London (10/11/2015)

E4tech has joined Hydrogen London, the public-private partnership working towards a hydrogen economy for London and the UK. It was set up in 2002 as t... (Read more)

Cool thinking (28.10.2015)

E4tech’s growing body of work on refrigeration and the "Cold Economy" has been in the news recently. Today’s launch of an important report by the Comm... (Read more)

Sustainable energy

Since 1997 E4tech has worked at the interface between energy technology, environmental needs and business opportunities. We have grown steadily, maintaining our focus on innovative approaches to sustainable energy.

Our consulting services cover the entire energy sector, and we have dedicated practices for:

  • Energy & Innovation Systems
  • Low Carbon Vehicles
  • Biofuels & Biochemicals
  • Biomass Systems
  • Solar Energy
  • Fuel Cells
  • Hydrogen
  • Energy Storage
  • Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Water & Energy

Through E4tech Software we provide software solutions including the Lesosai® tool for the certification and thermal balance calculation of buildings.

This website provides an introduction to our activities. Please contact us if you require more specific information.


Fuel Cell Industry Review 2015


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