Carbon Trust releases polymer fuel cell costs and markets analysis by E4tech

Independent analysis by E4tech was showcased in a Carbon Trust report released on 27 September 2012. The analysis of fuel cell costs and markets showed how breakthroughs from innovative UK companies could help bring polymer fuel cell technologies below the cost barriers which have hindered their uptake to date. According to E4tech Director David Hart, who led the analysis: “bringing fuel cell system cost below $36/kW could support remarkable market growth, increasing the value of the global fuel cell vehicle market by $30bn to $261bn a year in 2050”.

E4tech’s analysis, with Austin Power Engineering, forms part of E4tech’s support of CT’s Polymer Fuel Cell Challenge (PFCC), in which CT is supporting organisations with potential breakthrough technologies towards commercial development. E4tech analysis underpins the PFCC, and we have further supported the programme with market assessments; cost modelling; technology evaluation; policy review; due diligence support and project management.

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