E4tech engage in the EU ILUC debate

E4tech made a submission to the European Commission’s public consultation on indirect land use change (ILUC) in October 2010, following the publication of E4tech’s causal-descriptive study on the indirect land use change impacts of biofuels. E4tech’s study was also mentioned in the the UK Government response to the consultation.

The most robust long-term approach for dealing with ILUC is, as E4tech believes, to set up effective land use policies that would encompass the biggest land using sectors (i.e. food and feed production, biofuel feedstock production, etc.). Such policies would protect high carbon stock land across the world, regardless of its potential use. However, as such an approach will be challenging and require time to be implemented, E4tech supports an approach based on ILUC risk levels in the short-term for biofuels.

The Commission will present their conclusions in July 2011. Read more about the the Commission’s recent work on ILUC

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