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Chester Lewis

Senior Consultant - London

Chester has experience in the hydrogen and fuel cells, energy systems and low-carbon transport sectors. At E4tech, Chester has worked across sustainable energy, including a number of projects focusing on hydrogen, fuel cells and synthetic fuels (e-fuels) in the transport, buildings, power and industrial sectors. He has also managed E4tech’s work advising the maritime sector on low-emission vessels.

Some examples of his work include: playing a leading role in a hydrogen and fuel cell supply chain cost-reduction study for a consortium of leading hydrogen companies; providing expert input into the evidence-base for alternative maritime fuels in the UK Government’s Clean Maritime Plan; market and supply chain analysis for fuel cell and hydrogen technologies; a feasibility study on power-to-hydrogen for gas and electricity distribution networks; techno-economic assessments of low-carbon fuel production and investigations into the use of biofuels for emission reductions in shipping.

Chester completed his MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London, specialising in energy economics and policy – where he was published on the subject of reducing emissions from the shipping sector and carried out electricity systems modelling of the UK. Prior to this, he worked in marine conservation in Cambodia, contributing to a small NGO that instigated the first Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the country and gained diverse experience in a wide range of sustainability issues. Chester also holds a first-class BSc (Hons) in Physics from the University of Birmingham, with his undergraduate degree including technical projects on wave and nuclear energy.

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