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David Whittle

Associate - London

David is a seasoned business transformation consultant with twenty-six years of consulting experience in the global Energy sector, helping organisations improve operational and business performance, through a combination of technology, business processes and people. He has previously worked with international oil and gas companies such as BP, Shell, Total, Exxon and Marathon, state owned national oil and gas companies such as Kuwait Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum and Benzina, and related companies in the chemicals, retail, technology and finance sectors.

David is focused on renewable energy and sustainability, and recently completed an MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Engineering at the University of Surrey. He has recently helped the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) on learning the lessons from its past five years and structured intervention approaches, an Eastern European oil company on an assessment of options for meeting RE and GHG emissions reduction targets in transport, the EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre on the potential supply of advanced biofuels to 2030, the Carbon Trust Leadership Team on developing strategy for the Portfolio Management Group, and Origin Oil on developing governance models and processes for its global renewable energy joint ventures.

David started his career with Texaco and Mobil, then worked in the management consulting sector, initially with PwC and Arthur D. Little, before forming Creating Our Future management consulting in 2002. He has worked in Europe, US, South America, Middle East, India, Australia and Africa, and has lived in England, Scotland, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Uganda and Tanzania.


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